Then Comes Marriage…

Wedding Photography

The big day is coming and excitement is building, so many details to work out. We now know more about each other and ready to tackle your wedding day. Idea boards still play a big role in planning and executing. Even knowing the smallest details down to colours and types of flowers will aid in ensuring that your day is as successful and smooth flowing as possible. Our planning sessions at this stage also increase in duration. Ensuring that no details are left uncovered, like being able to yell at uncle George by name instead of saying “hey you, get over here!” and pointing while he is distracted by the vivacious single woman attending your wedding.

I am sure you have all heard stories about the dress malfunction that introduces a panic. Not to worry, we plan for these scenarios as well.

Wedding services are also wide varying from:

Photo booths

Bridal encores

Custom snapchat filters

Media presentations