First Comes Love…

Engagement Photography

You’re engaged! What an exciting time, now its time to capture your love story.

The next steps ahead can be very daunting and I can be your guide through the ups and downs all the way from choosing the perfect locations to navigating uncle Bob stumbling his way to family photos at the end of your ceremony.

Our process starts with an initial meeting where we get to know each other and determine if it is even possible that we can survive together for a day in close quarters. 

Then from there we will take some time to get to know your likes and dislikes via “idea boards” where we will then converge together to create concepts for your engagement session. These sessions can range through multiple different locations and therefore can be variable in the length of time spent in the session. We pride ourselves in the fact that we cater each package to your needs, starting from a flexible base to build from.  

All that is left are two more meetings where we build and execute the concept for your wedding.